Also!!! From the earliest times there were parts of the world with their own high cultures which flourished, were plundered and then died: the Mayas, the Chinese (中文), the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and so on. Their experiences converge in our blood; our spirituality belongs in space and time to God, the everlasting Spirit, and resides in the message of Jesus Christ's mission. We live in faith. Our actions are our legacy! - Comment - ( fb )

Charles PONGRACZ Karoly - What is art?

The end of the millennium sweeps westwards across Europe (Central Europe) with moments of radical and historic  change. I too could feel the effects of these moments, good and bad.

Through painting I instinctively turned inwards to meditate and express. Filled with marvel, I always admired the great masters although I preferred the impressionists, above all the „Nagybányai művésztelep“ (a colony of artists at Nagybánya / Baia Mare, Transylvania), which stands emotionally near to me.

I was extremely strongly impressed by the meetings during the past years with charismatic figures in art like   Peter   Beard  in Montauk, Long Island, and the Flemish pianist and composer Peter  Ritzen.

Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) – Vienna

During the first period of my work in Niederösterreich I gave priority to impressionist oil paintings. I have painted many portraits in Austria and abroad. Selected works of mine were exhibited in Mödling, New York, Vienna, London, Tokio and Biennale in Florence.

I studied at the Kolozsvári Művészeti és Design Egyetemen and in the Academy of Arts in Vienna.

The human mind!

An artist always looks for challenges. He watches and senses the changes of our world and tries to interpret and work up the process in a visual sense. I as an artist, sought an answer to the big question: what is the hidden source of the force and energy appearing on the retina and the brain at the moment we see something, which motivates and inspires people, artists, politicians and scientists and motivates and inspires the existence of life's positive essence.

Light- and energy-sources.

I have recorded how people in our cities build up and conjure around themselves the various colourful energy and light sources. I have selected episodes from these, and collected them in abstract compositions which show how shafts of light and patches of colour behave for a fraction of a second in a given place and time.

To see in pictures!

This process can be seen in my Rolling novel - pictures, and it is the inspiration of my current work on the themes of

Die Kunst ist die Grundlage meiner Exitenz – auch wenn ich als Künstler und Mensch fast daran gescheitert bin.

I have concentrated on light, which is the creative force permeating and developing our whole life. I looking for a timeless harmony of perfection.!?
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